about blackbird berlin


It‘s like a jungle sometimes - do you feel like trends and interest groups appear out of the blue? Only to disappear in the vast virtual green? Well yes, it‘s wildly complicated out here. To make sense out of digital chaos, you ‚ll need bird‘s eye view. And a thread to follow. We are blackbird/berlin and our thread is bright and red. Makes sense? Yeah, we know.

From PR to events to influencer marketing – we got your back. Holistically. So stop wondering: blackbird/berlin keeps you from going under.




Brand building
  • – Content creation, photo production, art buying
  • – Brand strategy
public relations
  • – Communication concepts
  • – Active PR
  • – Media Cooperations
  • – Showroom and sample management
  • – Press events, editorial visits, press days
events & projects
  • – Conception and production
  • – Guest management, event support
  • – Pop up events
  • – Shopping events and shop in shop systems
  • – Press Dinner, product launch, parties
infuencer & celebs
  • – Celebrity cooperations
  • – Influencer cooperations
  • – Social Media campaign
  • – Red Carpet Seeding


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Ucon Acrobatics
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Founder & Managing Director
PR Consultant
Senior PR Consultant
Showroom & Office Manager
External team Support
Project Manager & Accounting