Sustainability keeps us busy at many levels at our agency. We not only want our clients to create something sustainable with their brands and products, but are also keen to do our part.

blackbird/berlin has drawn a number of conclusions from this. We’d like to tell you about what we’re doing as transparently as possible.

Our long-term strategy is to invest in worthwhile projects with a view to helping to shape a better future. Transforming a company, in this case our agency, in a holistic and sustainable way is always a work in progress and will need to be reviewed and adjusted time and again.

You’re welcome to join us and inspire us in this process!


Starting in May 2021, blackbird/berlin will be working with a new financial partner, the socially minded and environmentally friendly GLS Bank, which likewise sets great store by transparency. GLS Bank finances projects in education, culture, regenerative energies, housing and sustainable business, to name but a few examples. The capital we generate will be invested in a better future.


From 2021, we’ll keep track of our CO2 emissions and endeavour to offset them. This includes business travel, courier trips, electricity and heating costs. We’ll be upfront about which carbon offset projects we’re supporting. Reducing emissions is the best way to go, however, which is why we’re also working hard to minimise our environmental footprint.


We’re switching our office equipment to sustainable products as far as possible. Whether printer paper, tape or packaging materials, we not only need to become more sustainable, but also to reduce waste. Moreover, we get our resources from environmentally friendly and/or regional providers and partners as far as possible.


A sustainable concept also comprises our employees, who are key to success at blackbird/berlin at the end of the day. We therefore offer all of our employees the option to take a mindfulness day each month. They can use this day to put their feet up, take stock or simply enjoy do nothing for a change. The aim is to help them recharge their batteries and to create a more mindful, egalitarian working culture.

As you can see, we have ambitious goals, wishes and dreams that we believe are realistic, and we want to set a good example as an agency.